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Morgan Sports Car Club Regalia

5" car silhouette transfer decal - White or Black


Rub down transfer decal measuring 5" long x 1.5" high.
Ideal size for just about any surface of the car but ideally suited to rear panel or front wings.

Application method
Ensure that the surface is clean of all dirt and dust.
Use some masking tape to set out your levels.
Carefully peel away the white backing paper and apply the decal to the panel using your taped out levels.
With a soft cloth firmly rub down over the car outline and words. Take your time and repeat the rubbing down to ensure that the transfer adheres to the paintwork.
When done, gently peel back one corner and very gently remove the transparent paper, ensuring as you go that the transfer has adhered to the panel.

Price: 3.00

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