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Morgan Sports Car Club Regalia

Me, My Morgan & The Midlands Now £7.50, Was £9.00

Me, My Morgan & The Midlands Now 7.50, Was 9.00

By Michael Pearson

Extravagantly marking the trauma of his fiftieth birthday with the aquisition of a garishly yellow Morgan sports car, Michael Pearson embarks on a sequence of exploratory and nostalgic journeys in the Midlands, visiting places he's always wanted to see yet lacked the time, or revisiting places that have shaped his life from boyhood, by way of adolescence into maturity. Searching for signposts that may, inadvertently, have been missed along the way, he hopes that the journeys he makes might provide clues as to where he is going in the fifteen years left to him before he collects his bus pass!

ISBN 0-907864-95-3 Paperback

Price: 7.50

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